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Founded in 1929. About "Gion Mikaku"


We have persistently serve “TAIRO”(the highest premium rank beef) of Tajima-brand cow since the beginning of our service.




We have extremely rare “cows” among the most supreme Tajima Brand Beef, which are carefully raised by a good dairy farmer, despite that cows are difficult to be widely distributed as branded cattle because they are smaller than bulls.


Since our establishment, for 100 years, to find out the best part of beef, “tairou, is a unique mission for Gion Mikaku.


We serve the very best beef ,“tairou”, with fine fragrance and sweetness and its fat that looks like marble, cooked with the best skill.


We would like to show our heartfelt welcome, for you to enjoy the Kyoto elegance with the view of Kamogawa/Shirakawa stream.



Gion Mikaku the Third

Kenji Mita

和牛铁板牛排 “Gion Mikaku” 第三代 三田 兼司

일본 소 스테이크  기온 미각 삼대 미타 켄지

祇園 みかく 三代目 三田 兼司


Our best chef cook the best beef for you right in front of you.


최고급 쇠고기를 최고의 솜씨를 가진 장인이 눈앞에서 조리합니다.



At the counter seat you are to enjoy the Teppanyaki steak.


카운터에서는 철판 구이 스테이크를 꼭 맛보십시오.


It is located where you can feel Kyoto’s four seasons.


교토의 사계절을 느낄 위치


You can enjoy great views from our windows facing the Gion Shirakawa river, such as cherry blossoms in spring, maple leaves in autumn, and trees covered with snow in winter, feeling seasonal ambience.

在只园白川的旁边 是一家风景出众的店

기온 시라카와 부근에 있습니다. 전망 발군의 가게입니다.

큰 창문을 통해 봄에는 벚꽃, 가을에는 단풍, 겨울에는 나무의 눈화장 등 계절의 변화를 느낄 수 있습니다.





■Teppanyaki Steak Course Menu 150g . ¥18,500

■铁板烤牛排套餐150g 18500日元

■ 철판 구이 스테이크 코스 150g. 18,500 엔

■鉄板焼きステーキコース 150g . 18,500円

Steak cooked on a hot plate in front of you with delicate skills. Choose tenderloin/sirloin, and how you would like to be prepared, and volume of meat by 50g from 100g.

■Assorted hors d’oeuvres

■Seasonal soup



■Tenderloin(fillet)/Sirloin(loin)/prime fillet

■Rice・Japanese soup・Pickles

■Seasonal dessert


和牛牛排,在客人的眼前的铁板烧 您可以选择喜欢的部位 用您的喜好来烹调 肉的量也可以从100g,以50g为单位增加

눈앞의 철판으로 정성스럽게 구운 스테이크입니다.

원하는 부위를 선택하실 수 있습니다.

고기의 양을 100g에서 50g 단위로 증량이 가능 해지고 있습니다.





■添え野菜 / サラダ / ポテト

■テンダーロイン (フィレ) or サーロイン (ロース) or 特上モモ




■Oil-yaki Course Menu 150g . ¥18,500

■甜酱油牛肉片铁板烧150g 18500日元

■ 오일 구이 코스 150g. 18,500 엔

 ■オイル焼コース 150g . 18,500円


“Tairo Abura-Yaki” is a dish, that is, sliced fillet beef soaked in mixture (called “warisita” usually used for making Sukiyaki) of soy sauce, sweet sake(“mirin”) and sugar is baked on a Teppanyaki hot plate in front of you. You can choose the amount of beef by 50g from 100g up.


“Tairo Abura Yaki”是一道菜 日本的日式牛肉火锅风味的铁板烧



太牢 오일 구이 (大老 기름 집 속)는 얇게 썬 등심을 설탕, 양념 국물에 담가 있습니다.

그 고기를 눈앞의 철판으로 구운 요리입니다.

고기의 양은 100g에서 50g 단위로 증량이 가능합니다.


■Assorted hors d’oeuvres

■Seasonal soup



■Tenderloin(fillet)/Sirloin(loin)/prime fillet

■Rice・Japanese soup・Pickles

■Seasonal dessert




■添え野菜 / サラダ / ポテト

■テンダーロイン (フィレ)




■Yaki-shabu Course Menu 150g . ¥18,500

■日式肉块牛排 150g 18500日元

■ 구이 샤브샤브 코스 150g. 18,500 엔

■焼しゃぶコース 150g . 18,500円


Thinly-sliced sirloin beef, lightly baked on a hot pan in front of you will be served with sliced spring onion. You can choose the amount of beef by 50g from 100g up.


在眼前的铁板快速炙烤薄薄切片的牛腰肉 和日本的葱一起吃 肉的量从100g开始,以50g为单位可以增量

얇게 썬 등심을 눈앞의 철판에 살짝 구운 일본 파와 함께 드셔드립니다.

고기의 양을 100g에서 50g 단위로 증량이 가능 해지고 있습니다.



■Assorted hors d’oeuvres

■Seasonal soup



■Tenderloin(fillet)/Sirloin(loin)/prime fillet

■Rice・Japanese soup・Pickles

■Seasonal dessert




■添え野菜 / サラダ / ポテト

■サーロイン (ロース)



◆Prices shown above are tax/5% service charge-exclusive.

◆上述的费用 全部是消费税 服务费5%

◆ 상기 요금은 모두 세금 · 서비스 요금 5 %는 별도입니다.


There are irregular changes in our opening/closing day/time, also in menus along with conditions of purchasing materials. Prices shown are examples, and they may be varied.

Please contact us to confirm before your arrival.


有临时停业的情况 根据进货情况提供的菜单有不同的情况 另外 价格也有不同的情况 

임시 휴업하는 경우가 있습니다. 매입 상황에 따라 제공하는 메뉴가 다를 수 있습니다. 또한 가격대는 어디 까지나 기준이되고 있습니다.



Enjoy your meal in one of the most typical Kyoto’s atmosphere, for being nearby Kamogawa, which is the most well-known river in Kyoto.



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